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Let's Talk About: Taking on the New Year

Saha Psychiatry wants to wish everyone a healthy and safe 2022. This year, we hope you've given up on resolutions, and are wanting to take effective action towards meeting goals and living your values. What can you do instead of making resolutions?

Resolutions often fail, for a variety of reasons. We make resolutions that are vague, overambitious, unmeasurable, unmotivating, or so outside of our normal character there's no way we can accomplish them. Resolutions like "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to stop drinking" sound great on New Years Eve, but a few weeks later we've already given up.

Instead, why not think of some simple, measurable goals we can achieve this year? Try thinking of a goal that you can accomplish, that will improve your life. Instead of "I'm going to eat healthy this year," try "every day I'll include one fruit and one vegetable with my lunch." Instead of "I'm going to work out more" try "I'm going to go for a 15min walk three times a week."

When we set smaller goals that are clearly defined, it's easier for us to keep up with them. We should also be picking goals that improve our way of life, and make us healthier. Adding more fruits and vegetables to our meals, getting more water in the day, taking time to get in some physical movement, drinking tea, paying our bills on time, making efforts to connect with loved ones on a weekly basis, and going to sleep on time are all great things we can incorporate into our new year.

Maybe this year will be the year you finally see a therapist or psychiatrist. If your interested in taking that first step towards better mental health, contact us at Saha Psychiatry today!

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