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Commitment to Social Justice

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, where we celebrate the important work that Dr. King worked on during the Civil Rights Movement. On a day like today, we want to look back at where we were, and how far we've come. We also want to stop and reflect on how much work is left to do.

Here at Saha Psychiatry, we are committed to social justice and action. We cannot stand idly by as others do the hard work for us, or sit in the armchair of complacency. We recognize the power and privilege we hold, and use it to advocate for others.

We provide culturally relevant and reflective care. We recognize the effects that racism and racial trauma have on all of us. We strive to provide a healing place inclusive of all those who are in need of care. We try to look past labels and to the heart of a person. Although we don't know everything, we are constantly learning.

Dr. Shaban also advocates for social justice in her professional and personal life. She teaches lectures on anti-racism, how to dismantle white supremacy, and how to understand the context of historical (and current) abuse and trauma while treating people in within the psychiatric system that is currently present. She'll continue to seek new knowledge and pass it on to others.

We hope all feel safe, cared for, and advocated for within our space. May we remember that the work of social justice continues on, and keep up the legacy of Dr. King

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